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Although your loved one may already have some pretty sweet digs, you would like to help them restore their home to its former glory. You may be even more than willing to give up some of your time so that they can relax and live more comfortably. Homemakers for seniors is the process of helping your loved ones maintain their houses so they can continue enjoying it once they’re old enough for you to slow down.

What is Homemakers for Seniors?

Homemaking services are performed by a trained professional who goes in and helps elderly persons to maintain day-to-day operations of their homes. The idea is that after you’ve provided your loved one with basic necessities, their best interest is better served when they have the help of someone to run the household so they can be free from the daily responsibilities involved.


What Are The Benefits of Having a Homemaker For Your Senior Loved Ones?

Having a homemaker for your elderly loved ones can be beneficial in so many ways. Even if you’re still young, you may find it impossible to keep up with them and take care of their needs. You can feel better about providing assistance when someone else around can help. It allows your loved one to feel less stressed about the situation and to be able to focus on other things for a change.


One primary benefit of having one is that they may be able to take over a lot of the responsibility. It’s not that they can take care of everything, but they can certainly make a big difference. There are families out there who might be afraid to let their loved ones get too old because they feel that it will be difficult for them to do everything on their own.


The other benefits of having a homemaker are less tangible but no less critical. By helping your loved ones maintain their home and keep it looking nice, you’re helping them feel more comfortable and secure. This allows them to concentrate on enjoying life while still remaining independent as they get older.

What We Do

Our homemakers for seniors is designed to help keep your loved one’s home in Connecticut in good condition, whether cleaning or repairs. You can call Homemakers for the Elderly at any time of day. We will send professionals to your house to ensure everything is taken care of. We at Wellness Home Care team will make sure that the house is a more enjoyable place for your loved ones and that they are living in the most comfortable way possible.


Our homemaking services for seniors include:


  • Making meal preparation: you may have made meals for your loved ones for years. Still, there are certain times when you may be so busy with work or social life that you cannot make them as often as you would like. This is where we come in. We can cook and prepare meals and even set the table for dinner.


  • Providing nutritional meals: your loved one needs to be eating healthy. Ensuring that their food is nutritious and doesn’t contain a lot of sodium is an essential step in creating a healthy diet. If you have been struggling with the time and the energy to cook healthy meals, we can help.


  • Washing dishes: In the United States or Connecticut, dish washing is a task that many people look forward to accomplishing. However, it can be hard to manage for those with arthritis or other health problems, and that’s where we come in.


  • Cleaning kitchens: One of the biggest tasks that people with arthritis will want to do in their kitchen is clean it. This can be a difficult task for many, but if your loved one has been too busy or just has too much on their plate and you need a little extra help, we can help.


  • Making bed and changing bed linens: changing fresh linens can be a difficult task for many, and it’s also something you might want to do every day. If you or your loved one has trouble with this task, we would love to help.


  • Pet care: Anyone who has a pet knows how difficult it can be to be away from them. You might want to take your pets to daycare in Connecticut, but you don’t want to leave them somewhere where they won’t be cared for. That’s where we come in. Whether you are going out of town or if your pet needs a break from the house, we can provide care for them.


Homemaking is a great way to help your loved ones live independently. There’s really nothing better than helping your loved ones maintain their independence and doing it in the most comfortable way possible. Whether it’s cooking, cleaning, or pet care, we can help.

Duties of a Homemaker

The responsibilities of a homemaker can differ depending on the health and needs of your loved one. The main goal of the homemaker is to keep your loved one comfortable and to provide for them, and helping things like:


  • Providing assistance with bathing: Taking a bath may be necessary to wash off the day’s dirt. Depending on the health and abilities of the client, a homemaker may provide assistance with bathing, such as helping to get clients out of bed providing personal hygiene assistance for clients such as brushing their hair.


  • Give executive care: Executive care means that a homemaker can help her clients complete tasks to keep their bodies and their minds healthy. These might include ensuring that they have gotten their exercise or had a good night’s sleep.


  • Provide medical assistance: Although a homemaker is not allowed to provide medical care without the express permission of their client, they can help provide essential aid in the case of an emergency.


  • Provide assistance with ambulation: Ambulation means the ability to walk. The type of assistance that a homemaker can provide with ambulation depends on the client’s capabilities. However, they may be able to help walk their clients through the bathroom or sit with them while they eat their meals.


  • Provide cosmetic assistance: A homemaker can provide service with cosmetic appearances, such as applying makeup, styling hair, and using deodorant.


Our homemakers for seniors can be tailored to meet the needs of your life. Whether you need help with a single task or a more general way, we can help you.

Who’s the Best Homemaker Service in Connecticut?

At Wellness Home Care in Fairfield, Connecticut, we can provide you with a homemaker who will ensure that your home is running smoothly. Either you need help with a specific task or just want someone to come and help take care not just of your house but also provide health care services. You can be sure that Wellness Home Care will provide you with homemakers for seniors tailored to your needs.

Want To Learn More About Our Services?

If you need a little more convincing on our homemaking abilities, let me assure you that we offer a service that’s nonclinical and compassionate. You can count on our certified professionals to help make your loved ones’ home a place they’ll feel safe and happy while you work together to restore it.

To learn more on homemakers for seniors, you can always call Wellness Home Care at (860) 295-6444 or contact us through our website. One of our agents will be able to answer any questions you may have about our services. We look forward to hearing from you!