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Our CNA senior care service is not only a non-medical assistance service but also a compassionate one. We understand that your loved ones deserve home help who can take care of their needs and provide emotional support and companionship. A certified nursing assistant’s job may seem simple. Still, it is actually quite complex and requires a unique set of skills.

Wellness Home Care is proud to offer CNAs at affordable rates. We are aware that you are likely losing sleep over the thought of your aging parent’s homecare situation. However, you have nothing to worry about because our CNAs have been trained to be compassionate and available only when necessary.

What is CNA Senior Care?

A CNA is a Certified Nursing Assistant trained to provide medical services around-the-clock for the elderly. We are nothing like a typical home health aide, and there is a difference between them.

A home health aide’s job is to provide physical care to the elderly. However, our certified nursing assistants offer a lot more than that. They are also trained to address the emotional needs of their seniors and their own emotional needs. They will also make sure that their elderly clients are not overstressed and create an environment where they are comfortable enough to rest and relax.

What Does a CNA Do?

CNA is more than just a certified nursing assistant. They are formally trained to provide around-the-clock care for elders, which often includes their emotional needs.

Some of their responsibilities include:

  • Transporting patients. Our CNAs have clinical experience and are trained to safely move senior citizens. They will work with their seniors, follow them wherever they go, and helps them with their personal needs.

  • Gather medical supplies. Our CNA will always be prepared for any emergency. They stock up on the necessary medical supplies to address any emergencies that might happen along the way. They also have backups for each item if needed.

  • Grooming their patients. Having a well-groomed senior is essential, especially when the doctor visits. Our CNA will help senior clients with their daily hygiene routines like shaving, combing hair, bathroom assistance, assistance with toileting, and even hairstyling.

  • Feeding patients and monitoring their food and liquid intake. Meals are usually served promptly. At our certified nursing assistant for the elderly, we ensure that their meals are adequately monitored to ensure they get the right amount of food and liquids.

  • Assisting with medical and safety procedures. Our CNA will assist the doctors by providing them with their medical reports and also help the seniors with any daily procedures. Our certified nursing assistant for the elderly will also be present when their patients are undergoing checkup treatments and if they are getting x-rays.

  • Monitoring the patient’s health condition. Our CNA watches out for any early symptoms that may lead to an accident or worsen their condition. They will notify the doctor about any unusual activities, behaviors, vital signs, or changes in the mood of the senior citizens.

Why Choose Our Wellness Home Care Certified Nursing Assistants For Your Elderly?

Our service in Connecticut offers our clients certified nursing homes assistants for the elderly. We have a team of experienced CNAs dedicated to their job and committed to providing around-the-clock care for seniors’ daily living. These professionals understand the needs of their clients and can therefore create a peaceful environment for them. They will also ensure that they do not overburden their seniors with lots of activities. They will always provide emotional support whenever they need it.

Aside from that, our certified nursing assistant and healthcare team for the elderly is trained in first aid, medications, and handling emergencies. You can use us whenever you feel that you need extra help with direct care to your loved one’s home care and personal home care.

What Are The Difference Between CNA & a Caregiver?

Wellness Home Care offers the best CNA senior care experience in the area because they are highly trained, have basic care skills, basic nursing care, and are certified to provide home health care services. They have been trained to meet the needs of their clients, especially when it comes to providing around-the-clock care, and can therefore be a great support to their clients.

On the other hand, our agency caregiver will do laundry, cook meals, and do other daily activities that you would typically take care of, such as going shopping or even taking them outside. 

What to Look for in a Nursing Assistant?

CNAs are trained to handle many medical emergencies that may arise. They must know CPR and how to deal with situations such as choking or when a senior citizen is having a seizure. They should also be prepared for drug reactions and any adverse reactions during patient care treatment.

When searching for a CNA, you should do a background check, like an RN degree, and health care field experience, before hiring them. You should know their experience in handling different kinds of cases and if they have been skilled in handling challenging cases such as patients with Alzheimer’s disease dementia.

Benefits of an Effective Nursing Assistant

There are many benefits of hiring a nursing assistant at home. They can help you with your daily activities, get better rest and assist medical staff in providing the patients with proper medical care and attention.

The more active you are, the better your health will be. Having a CNA at home will help you take on small activities without worrying about how heavy or difficult they might be.

Getting adequate sleep is essential to a healthy lifestyle. Our certified nursing assistant for elderly patients can attend to their patient care needs while sleeping or resting, so you don’t have to worry about waking them up when you need their help with something.


Where to Find Nursing Assistant Agency in Connecticut?

Wellness Home Care is one of Connecticut’s most trusted nursing assistant agencies. We have been serving the community for many years. We have clients coming back to us not just because of our professional CNA senior care experience but also because of the level of care they get from us.

We are composed of professionally trained certified nursing assistants committed to providing only the best service for our clients. Our main goal is to meet or exceed all your expectations and address all your senior needs.

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